Crafting the perfect message for memorial bricks

Crafting the Perfect Message for Memorial Bricks

Engraved bricks make an excellent fundraising tool for non-profit organizations. They are a cost-effective way to raise significant funds and establish a lasting record of dedication.

Engraved memorial bricks are a great way to commemorate loved ones or mark special events. They are also an excellent way to show your support for a cause.

1. Choose the Right Tone

Engraved bricks can be used to memorialize a loved one, mark a special date, or display inspirational quotes. Whether used as a tribute or as part of a fundraiser, choosing the right tone is essential for the success of your message.

It is important to keep in mind that memorial bricks are often displayed in public spaces and may be viewed by people of all ages and backgrounds. Therefore, it is important to keep a positive, cheerful tone in all of your writings and messaging. If you are unsure of the tone to use, try using a tool like Grammarly’s tone detector to help guide your message.

Brick fundraising campaigns are a popular way to raise money for organizations and causes. They are particularly effective in generating interest in projects that would otherwise be difficult to fund, such as memorial gardens, parks, schools, and universities. These brick fundraisers offer an opportunity for donors to leave a permanent legacy and contribute to a project of their choice. For example, Polar Engraving specializes in helping organizations set up successful brick fundraising campaigns. Their expertise in creating customized donor websites and designing attractive walkways or walls for fundraising projects has been instrumental in helping countless organizations reach their goals.

Donation bricks can be engraved with names, inscriptions, and images to create a lasting record of supporters. They are especially popular for raising funds to commemorate the memory of a deceased friend or family member.

The ideal size for memorial bricks is four inches by eight inches. This typically gives you enough room for a short, lettered inscription. However, some people choose to engrave memorial bricks with more elaborate designs or include their loved ones’ handwriting or signatures. Adding an image to your brick message can provide more context and meaning, while also giving visitors a place to sit and reflect.

If you are creating a memorial brick campaign to honor a deceased parent, partner, or other significant person in your life, consider adding their nickname or term of endearment in addition to their official name. Chances are, you called them “Mom” or “Dad” more often than their official title.

2. Think About the Message’s Purpose

Memorial bricks are a great way to honor the memory of someone who’s passed away. However, coming up with the right words can be challenging. Especially since the text is so short, it can feel overwhelming to try and convey an entire life in just three lines of text.

Thankfully, there are plenty of creative ways to make your donation brick message meaningful. Whether you’re celebrating a friend, a loved one, or simply your love for nature, here are some creative memorial brick engraving and design ideas to help you find the perfect message.

If you’re gifting a brick on behalf of a small business, it’s important to highlight your company’s name in your message. This shows your generosity and also encourages others to support your endeavor.

Alternatively, you can use your engraved brick to share a positive quote that inspires you. This can be a great way to remind yourself that giving back is something you should always strive for. You can also use your message to give a nod to the people who’ve inspired you throughout your lifetime.

Lastly, if you’re donating your brick on behalf of a departed partner or spouse, it’s important to include their name in your message. This will ensure that future family members who visit the site can see their contribution and know exactly whose memory they’re celebrating. It’s also a thoughtful and respectful way to ensure that your loved one’s legacy lives on forever.

3. Include Personal References

Engraved bricks allow donors to leave a lasting legacy or special message while supporting a cause close to their hearts. From honoring loved ones and commemorating special events to displaying inspirational quotes, there are many ways to create a heartfelt message for your bricks. When deciding what to write, keep in mind the key factors of character limits, personalization, and timelessness.

Including a personal reference can help to connect your message and make it feel more authentic. For example, if you are inscribing a memorial brick to remember a deceased partner or spouse, you might want to include the name you called them in real life in their inscription. This is a great way to remember them fondly and ensure that they are always remembered just the way they were.

Another great personal touch is adding a short inside joke or anecdote. This will add a touch of whimsy and humor to your brick, which can be a welcome break from the often serious nature of memorial and fundraising messages. Just be sure to choose a short anecdote that can be easily understood by your audience.

Engraved brick fundraisers are a great way to raise money for a variety of projects, from community gardens to veterans’ memorials. They are also a great option for fundraising for non-profits and other organizations, as they allow you to sell bricks for your project without having to pay up front for the entire project’s cost. Polar Engraving can set up a customized fundraising brick project for your organization and help you determine your goals and objectives. Then, we can help you design an attractive and functional walkway or wall for your project that will attract donors and help you reach your goal.

4. Think About the Message’s Timelessness

A brick inscription should convey heartfelt meaning that stands the test of time. This means avoiding dated phrases or puns, and choosing words that will be meaningful in the future.

Engraved bricks are intended to be a lasting tribute to someone. That’s why it’s important to choose a message that can stand the test of time and isn’t too personal. It can help to include specific details about the person or event you are honoring, but less is often more when it comes to a meaningful inscription.

In a similar vein, don’t feel like you need to use your loved one’s full name when creating an inscription for their memorial brick. Using nicknames or terms of endearment can be a great way to express your affection for someone while keeping the text short and to the point. This is especially true if you’re creating an inscription for a memorial brick in a public place, such as a park or community garden.

If you’re creating an inscription for philanthropic purposes, consider including a quote that highlights the importance of giving back. This is a great way to inspire others and encourage them to follow your lead.

For example, “Give what you can, when you can.” This is an ideal message for a donor brick wall at a library or other community organization.

5. Be Creative

When it comes to memorial bricks, being creative is the best way to express your heartfelt message. Whether you’re using an inscription to honor a spouse, partner, or anyone else, there are plenty of ideas that can make it unique and sentimental. The most important thing to remember is that your message will last for generations, so choose words that will stand the test of time.

If you’re using a brick inscription to honor someone, consider their favorite quote or saying. Choosing three lines of text that encapsulate their beloved saying will get you started in creating a personalized tribute. You can also use their nickname, a special word of endearment, or initials in place of their name. Just be sure to avoid inappropriate words or jokes that could be offensive.

Another idea is to use a religious quotation or phrase. Whether it’s from the Bible, Quran, or other religion, these phrases can be a moving and beautiful tribute to those who have passed away. Lastly, you can also use their favorite phrase or line from a song to create a thoughtful brick inscription.

Engraved bricks are a great fundraising tool for schools, non-profits, and many other organizations. They allow donors to support a cause that they care about while also providing a permanent reminder of their contribution. Unlike other fundraisers, memorial bricks require no upfront cost for the organization and provide a flexible method of raising funds.

For more information about memorial bricks and other fundraising solutions, contact Polar Engraving today. We can help you set up a custom donor website and determine your fundraising objectives. We have worked with a wide variety of clients, including Veteran’s organizations, and can help you create a memorable and impactful fundraiser.

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